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We are Judy and David NuHavun of CNY Real Estate Group. Many of our relocating
clients choose to lease an apartment while they search for their home.
So, we've put this guide together for some helpful apartment comparisons
in the Central New York Area.
We're hoping that our efforts will be of great help to you.

Judy NuHavun

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David NuHavun

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Our combined list, containing 46 apartment complexes in the area, is quite large and too wide to print. So it's been split into two parts and reduced to fit online. After clicking a link above, you'll need to enlarge in order to view, then scroll side to side and up and down.

To print apartments, please use individual PDF files to the right.



Printable PDF links below:

APP-EAG (10 apartments in file)
EAS-HID (10 apartments in file)
HIG-NOR (10 apartments in file)
PAR-TUM (10 apartments in file)
VIL-WOO (6 apartments in file)

*Please read disclaimer on each file

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