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Going above and beyond to make EVERY STEP to home ownership clear and stress-free for you!

We want your first experience in buying a home
to be your best experience!

We have years of experience helping folks navigate buying their first home
with peace of mind and lots of fun. Let us help you!

You will LOVE the Personal First-time Home Buyer Consultation that we offer to you Free with No Obligation. It’s the perfect way to start when you are even dreaming with the idea of owning a home. Click here to watch a short video what the Consultation includes:


Note: For your safety and convenience, class is optionally offered on Zoom
or privately in our sanitary Mobile Office (or traditionally over coffee and a muffin in Panera 😊 )

Getting Married?

Our extensive experience working with newlyweds, has given us insight into your biggest challenge – You are Busy! Sometimes planning your wedding and buying your home go hand-in-hand. We are able to remove some of that stress.


Rent vs. Buy?

You may be wondering if this is the right time for you to buy your home. We help you decide whether this is the right time for you to purchase – we never pressure you but help you understand the most up-to-date facts about financing!


Currently your money will buy more of a home because interest rates are still low, keeping your payment low.

Your mortgage payment could be less than a rent payment. Use our Simple MORTGAGE PAYMENT CALCULATOR to check out some possibilities.

Your mortgage payment will stay permanently low – unlike a rent payment, which usually increases every year.


Rent, unless it is an absolute necessity...

... is a terrible investment that you make monthly! It basically just gives you a place to live but no equity, no savings on taxes, very little freedom to create your “nest” the way you want it.

Many people think they CAN'T AFFORD to purchase a home,
but consider this simple example:

After two years of RENTING...


Average Rent



Annually, that's



Rent for 2 years, that's



with nothing to
show for it.

After two years of OWNING...


A very nice house



5% down payment



Closing Costs



in two years

$14,000 Savings

So, about $22,000 would purchase a very nice home!
That's about $14,000 less than you would have
spent on rent for just two years,
AND your monthly payment - approximately $1,500 including taxes and insurance!

We help with Financing

We will help you find just the right financing and resources that can help you afford your first home.

We help find best rates!

Best rates and down payments to suit your budget.

We're committed to You!

If this is not the right time financially, we will introduce you to programs that provide grants that match your savings over 10 – 15 months.


If you are engaged or newly married, you can enjoy peace of mind as we help you transition into your new life together.

You may be wondering if you should purchase your first home at the same time you are planning your wedding. Lots of couples do! We will help you figure out if that will work for you.

If you decide to buy before the wedding, we work with you every step to reduce any stress and bring you smoothly to the closing of your new home. You will have plenty of energy left to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon and come back to settle in your new home.

If you decide you want to wait until after the wedding, your guests can have the pleasure of contributing to your home. Just let them know you are registered at:


We specialize in doing all those big and little things you don’t have time for.

We are not just about finding you a home, but also going far beyond that by attending to
the major and minor aspects of the transition from one city to another.



First-Time Buyer Testimonials

5 star

As first time buyers we walked into the process very nervous and slightly scared of what was to come. They eased our stress overnight and left no stoned unturned in the process of making sure we understood the process as well as explaining everything along the way. I would highly recommend the Nuhavun team for any realtor needs. I am pleased and happy to have worked with them. I feel their understanding of the home buying process makes them extremely easy to work with. I also do not know any other people who would drop everything at 9pm at night to sign paperwork, so you don’t lose out on the perfect house. I am honored to have worked with two individuals who clearly put your needs first and make the process second to none. The Nuhavun team is hands down the reason I own the house I do today and I am 110% happy I was able to work with such a great team.

Chris and Melanie Merrihew

5 star

When we began looking at houses, we really weren’t planning on buying right away. We told Judy and David that our move was at least a year away and that we were just curious to see what the market had to offer. They agreed to work with us, even though we were casual lookers and arranged appointments for every house that piqued our interest. David and Judy were always very patient. There must have been times during our 8 month search that they were frustrated with us, but we didn’t feel pressured to hurry up and buy something. They never lost their willingness to work with us and more importantly, never lost their sense of humor. Judy’s knowledge, efficiency, and attentiveness overcame the paperwork and legal hurdles of making a final purchase. She was involved to the very end to make certain that we were well-informed at all times and that the closing ran smoothly.

Joy and Lynn Carlson

5 star

I had the distinct pleasure of David and Judy representing me for the purchase of my first home. When I later had to sell due to job relocation, theirs was the first and only number I called. Their professionalism is unparalleled, and their devotion to making both the purchase and sale of my home as painless as possible was much appreciated. They seamlessly guided me through a first-time home purchase and responded in a kind, caring manner that made me feel as though I was more than a client. Without reservation I recommend David and Judy NuHaven as the real estate professionals you need for the purchase or sale of your home.

Dr Rebecca Andersen

5 star

We were first time homebuyers who were fortunate enough to work with Judy and David. Right from the beginning before we ever put a pen to paper, the NuHavuns gave us such an informative overview of the entire home buying process. It really helped us understand what we were getting ourselves into and made us feel much less overwhelmed about the whole process! It wasn’t long at all before we truly felt like they were family members, not just our realtors. They were so responsive, knowledgeable, organized, and hardworking. But it’s David and Judy’s personable, caring relationship they build with clients that really sets them apart. They had the answers to every one of our questions, including the ones we didn’t know enough to ask. When it came time to make the purchase, we got everything on our wish list, below our budget, and they helped us close weeks ahead of schedule. We were in great hands every step of the way and I cannot recommend the NuHavuns enough!

Chad and Rachel Casey



You can also have fun searching for houses directly from the MLS in real-time right on our website. (Way more accurate than Zillow or!!)


Ultimately, we take away all the mystery.

We do not believe in ever pressuring anyone to purchase a home. You can feel very comfortable contacting us and we will help you decide if this is the right time for you to purchase.

Not the right time? No worries! We are patient and available to you until you are ready. Please don't hesitate to send your questions to us at: Or just pick up the phone and give us a quick call at: (315) 209-2066. We're always happy to answer your quesions!

David & Judy NuHavun

It’s all about the client,
as it should be.

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