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Downtown Syracuse: The Economic Core of This NY City

When asked what they would consider to be the economic center of Syracuse, New York, many people are quick to reply with, "Downtown Syracuse". More than just the economic heartbeat of our beloved city, this area is really an epicenter for all of Central New York in general. More than 30,000 people work in downtown Syracuse and over 2,000 people live here making it one of if not THE most driven communities you'll come across. This is the life!

A History of Excellence in Downtown Syracuse

Considered one of the 26 officially recognized neighborhoods in Syracuse, the downtown area mostly grew as a result of the city’s salt industry and its proximity to the beautiful Erie Canal. For more than a century, this part of the city was also considered a thriving mecca for retail and entertainment with department stores like Chappell’s and Woolworth’s located here. Other renowned stores located in downtown at one point included The Addis Co., Flah's, E.W. Edwards, Grant's, Lincoln Stores, The Mohican, David's, Kresgee's and Clark Music Co. Suburban malls have since replaced these, but, not before they left their mark.

The community used that great tradition as a springboard and reinvented itself, maintaining its stronghold on Syracuse culture. Today, the downtown area is a bustling economic center with insurance companies, banks, and law firms all located here. It also has a fairly vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants. The downtown Committee of Syracuse has also helped to breathe new life into the area, including restoring streetlights and sidewalks as well as adding maps and other information around the area. You'll fall in love quickly with local cultural festivals including Oktoberfest and Festa Italiana which draw many from all around.

Key Sections of Downtown Syracuse

South Salina Street

Located between Erie Boulevard and West Onodaga Street, this north-south street served as the main artery of the downtown area. In fact, it was one of the busiest streets in Syracuse. Over the years it’s revitalized itself, most recently becoming a haven for luxury condos converted from the historic Syracuse Trust Building.

Armory Square

This small neighborhood located on the west side of downtown, Syracuse is home to many luxury condos as well as restaurants and cafes. There’s also plenty of high-end office space located here.

Forman Park

Originally established on June 16, 1839, this park served as a main attraction to the downtown area because of its bronze memorial of early civic leaders, Joshua Forman and Lewis H. Redfield. The lavish park is 1.3 acres and is situated at East Genesee and Almond Streets.

Clinton Square

This busy intersection became the center of commerce and trade for Central New York and is the soul of Syracuse.

Hanover Square

In reality, this “square” is actually a triangle and it’s located at the intersection of Warren, Water, and East Genesee Streets. There are plenty of historic buildings located in the area which tell a very vivid story of Syracuse’s past.

Live In Luxury in Downtown Syracuse

If you’re the kind of Syracuse real estate buyer who is interested in living in a luxury condominium, downtown Syracuse might be just the perfect fit for you.

Contact us, David and Judy NuHavun, today to learn about all of the available listings in this section of the city and to also receive some valuable home buying resources.

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And make sure to also connect with us if you’re already a resident of the downtown area and you’re ready to list your home on the market. We would love the opportunity to assist you!

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